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Venom Face Photographic Women's Sweatshirt - Black - XS - Black

Venom Face Photographic Women's Sweatshirt - Black - XS - Black

From the Spiderman comics of the 80's to its 2018 feature film, the symbiotic alien Venom has terrified and excited fans of Marvel's greatest anti-hero. With a huge range of designs based on the Venom symbiote, you're bound to be the perfect host for these sweatshirts and merch!The Venom Face Photographic Women's Sweatshirt is specific to our site, featuring an original design. Created for us, this inspired design will add character to your wardrobe with printing on a Black top.You'll find that all our clothing is specially sourced to meet ethical considerations. This means that all of our clothing collection meets top humane standards, everything has been done to ensure you're getting the best possible product. Cotton and Polyester MixApproved for Washing Machines Check label for tumble dryer compatibilityHeavy Weight Cotton Our sweats are suitable for males and females of all body types. If you'd like a free fit, please order a size up.

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