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Star Wars Roleplaying Scum and Villainy Adversary Deck

Star Wars Roleplaying Scum and Villainy Adversary Deck

Populate your Star Wars universe with a whole range of potential allies enemies and contacts Three new Star Wars Roleplaying Adversary Decks each come with twenty cards representing different NPCs drawn from the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook the Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook or one of their supplements Adversary cards present all your adversaries&39; key statistics and information in an easily accessible fashion while their art and description text help you set the scene and flesh out your NPCs&39; personalities On some planets the criminal underworld is cautious congregating only in secret On other worlds it operates in the open wielding its influence like a blunt instrument and daring the forces of law and order to oppose it The Scum and Villainy Adversary Deck introduces twenty NPCs that you can use to populate your campaigns with fleshed-out gangsters criminals and outlaws both notorious and amateur Smugglers slicers arms dealers hired thugs and Hutt crime lords all mingle among the gritty congregation of characters that this adversary deck places at your fingertips

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