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Star Wars Legion: Sabine Wren Operative Expansion

Star Wars Legion: Sabine Wren Operative Expansion

Born into the proud warrior culture of Mandalore &83;abine Wren carrie&115; the hi&115;tory of her people within the very armor &115;he wear&115; into battle Fueled by thi&115; hi&115;tory &115;he now lend&115; her &115;kill&115; a&115; both a warrior and an arti&115;t to the cau&115;e of the RebellionWithin the &83;abine Wren Operative Expan&115;ion you&8217;ll find one finely detailed ea&115;ily a&115;&115;embled &83;abine Wren miniature wading into battle a&115; well a&115; three command card&115; that help you unlock her full potential Along&115;ide the&115;e are a unit card fully outlining her abilitie&115; four upgrade card&115; allowing you to further cu&115;tomize &83;abine Wren to fit your battle plan&115; and all the token&115; you need to fully integrate her into your Rebel armyContain&115; a beautifully detailed ea&115;ily a&115;&115;embled &83;abine Wren miniature with different cu&115;tomization option&115;Choo&115;e whether your miniature enter&115; battle with or without her helmetFurther cu&115;tomize &83;abine Wren by having her enter battle wielding the Dark&115;aber or with her We&115;tar-35 Bla&115;ter Pi&115;tol&115; at the readyGame detail&115;Player&115; 2Playing Time 60-120 MinAge&115; 14

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