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Harry Potter Nagini Neon Women's T-Shirt - Black - M - Black

Harry Potter Nagini Neon Women's T-Shirt - Black - M - Black

A human Maledictus trapped in the body of a snake, made into a Horcrux by Lord Voldemort, Nagini might be a tragic character, but you still wouldn't want a dose of her deadly venom.The Harry Potter Nagini Neon Women's T-Shirt is a unique design, exclusive to our site. Built to the highest of standards, this unique design will add something extra to your wardrobe with a bold front print on a Black garment.Each and every one of our items of clothing are responsibly sourced. This means that all of our clothing collection meets top humane standards, everything has been done to ensure you're getting the best possible product. Pure CottonMachine WashableCheck label for tumble dryer compatibilityMedium ThicknessOur t-shirts have a relieved fit that's well suited for women of a variety of body types. If you'd like a free fit, please order a size up.Step into the magical realm with this incredible range of Official Harry Potter merchandise! Do you wish to show your love of your chosen House? Or are your desires geared for power and the Dark Arts? There's something for everyone here, Muggles and magic users alike!

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