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Doctor Who - Lost in Time [1963] (DVD)

Doctor Who - Lost in Time [1963] (DVD)

A collection of previously lost, now restored episodes - known by fans as the 'orphaned' episodes - from the legendary Doctor Who series. Episodes are: 'the Crusade' (1); 'the Crusade' (3) - with commentary by Julian Glover and Gary Russell; 'the Daleks' Master Plan' (2) - with commentary by Peter Purves, Kevin Stoney and Ray Cusick; 'the Daleks' Master Plan' (5); 'the Daleks' Master Plan' (10); 'the Celestial Toymaker' (4); 'the Underwater Menace (3)'; 'the Moonbase' (2); 'the Moonbase' (4); 'the Faceless Ones' (1); 'the Faceless Ones' (3); 'the Evil of the Daleks (2) - with commentary by Deborah Watling and Gary Russell; 'the Abominable Snowmen' (2) - with commentary by Deborah Watling and Gary Russell; 'the Enemy of the World' (3); 'the Web of Fear' (1) - with commentary by Deborah Watling, Derrick Sherwin and Gary Russell; 'the Wheel in Space (3)'; 'the Wheel in Space (6) - with commentary by Derrick Sherwin and Tristan de Vere Cole; and 'the Space Pirates' (2). 'Audio only' episodes are: 'the Crusade' (2); 'the Crusade' (4); 'the Moonbase' (1); and 'the Moonbase' (3). Synopsis A three-disc compilation of lost episodes from the television series of Doctor Who that gives an enticing glimpse into lost stories that have achieved legendary status among its fans. Includes the episodes: "The Daleks' Master Plan", "The Moonbase", "The Underwater Menace", "The Wheel In Space" and "The Abominable Snowman". Running Time: 450 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 1 Nov. 2004

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