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Classic Jurassic Park Logo Women's T-Shirt - Black - XXL

Classic Jurassic Park Logo Women's T-Shirt - Black - XXL

The theme park with real life dinosaurs, an amazing place beyond imagination that everybody wants to visit. That is until a power cut leaves the dinosaurs able to roam about the park freely.Our awesome Classic Jurassic Park Logo Women's T-Shirt is specific to our site, featuring an original design. A creation of the highest quality, this product was developed for us and boasts prominent printing on a Black shirt.All of the products in our clothing range are responsibly sourced. This means that all of our clothing collection meets top humane standards, everything has been done to ensure you're getting the best possible product. 100% CottonFully WashablePlease refer to label for tumble dryer detailsMedium Weight CottonOur t-shirts have a relieved fit that's well suited for a variety of body types. For those of us that like a slightly longer line fit, please order a size upThe first ever human manufactured pre-historic park! A great success until an industrial sabotage leads to the shutdown of the park?s power including all security precautions; a total disaster when you have several de-extinct dinosaurs including Raptors, Baryonyx and a Tyrannosaurus rex now able to roam or hunt freely on the island. The 1993 film used ground-breaking CGI and created a revolution for the film industry, blurring the vision of illusion and reality for the audience.

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