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Batman Vol. 8: Superheavy (The New 52)

Batman Vol. 8: Superheavy (The New 52)

After his deadliest battle to date, Batman is bruised, battered andscarred. And forever changed. Now, on the streets of Gotham, in place ofthe cape and cowl roams an 8-foot mechanized suit of armor. More powerful thanever before, Batman's pursuit of justice has never been more swift or efficient.But who is the new Dark Knight? And why is he...or she...here? Now in paperback,BATMAN VOL. 8: SUPERHEAVY presents the most shocking chapter in Scott Snyder andGreg Capullo's #1 New York Times best-selling series, as comics' greatestcreative team throws the most unexpected twist in Batman's history. CollectsBATMAN #41-46 and FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2015: DC COMICS DIVERGENCE #1.

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